Osumare Drums

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Osumare means "Rainbow" in the Western Nigerian language YORUBA. OSUMARE DRUMS is a Percussion group that apart from performing original African traditional music, entertain their fans with dancing steps and interesting stories about  the African lifestyles and tradition. An Osumare Drums concert is just like a trip round West Africa with sounds of drums and chants which are easy to sing along and dance. Osumare  combines different original African musical instruments like Talking drums, Agogo, Sekere, Akuba, Balofon, Kora and Djembe to create the original sounds of Africa. The members of Osumare Drums are from Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana and Tobago. Osumare Drums have performed in concert halls all over Europe, at Art Exhibitions, Jazz Festivals and Musseums, including the famous  Völkerkunde Museum in Germany.       
Osumare Drums Crew
Tola Sholana   Djembe Balafon  Vocals
Cheick Nguer  Lead Djembe
Sir Lancelott Scott   Djembe Solo
Mc Olange   Dundunba
Tokunbo Balogun  Agogo  Vocals
Sunday Aiyegbami   Talking Drums
Osumare Drums