Juju Music

Juju Music was made popular by King Sunny Ade from Western Nigeria, it is the traditional party music of the Yorubas but it is danced all over West Africa. With the increase in the African Community in Germany there is a need to supply the original music from hometown to make the people feel at home and to celebrate as they are used to. Juju music can be performed to any occasion and it is very dancable to non Africans too.

Juju Music is chacterised by the use of the African TALKING DRUMS, Agogo, Sekere, Bata, Omele and many western instruments like Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Drums. Juju music can also be performed in concerts and company events with affiliate to the African continent.We perform Juju Music under the name Tola Osumare and the Juju Band. The band have performed all over Germany, Netherlands, Austria and England. Our current Juju Music CD is called "ARRIVAL" which was recorded at the Latechs Studios in Ibadan and released under the Osumare Records Label. You can listen to juju music on our download homepage.