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Osumare means "rainbow" in the Western Nigerian language Yoruba. Osumare Beats perform Modern and Traditional African Music with nice Caribic effects, Reggae and Calypso. African Traditional Instruments like Balafon, Kora, Djembe and Talking drums are combined with western music elements to create irresistible beats. We perform at weddings, corporate events and church celebrations. We also give concerts at popular locations like Unterfahrt Jazz Club Munich and African Festivals. Tola Sholana is the band leader of Osumare Beats. He is also a Music producer, Guitarist and Singer.

Osumare Beats (modern)
Osumare music is a creative mix of African root percussion rhythms, chants, Afro jazz, highlife and Afro-beats.
Osumare Drums (traditional)
Osumare Drums is a Percussion group that apart from performing original African traditional music, entertain their fans with dancing steps and interesting stories about  the African lifestyles and tradition.
Juju Music
Juju Music was made popular by King Sunny Ade from Western Nigeria, it is the traditional party music of the Yorubas but it is danced all over West Africa.

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World Music


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Private Events

13 July

African Night

Munich Germany

With Osumare Beats and special guests

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Our Band Members

The Crew of Osumare are from Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana, Dominica and Tobago.

Tola Sholana
Bandleader, E-Guitar, Drum, Balafon, Vocals
Cheick Nguer
Lead Djembe
Band Member
Djembe, Drums
Band Member
Djembe Solo

OSUMARE BEATS. Concert in Ingolstadt, Germany

African Beats I

OSUMARE BEATS at the Afrikafest Ingolstadt Germany

Ingolstadt Germany
African Beats II

JUJU MUSIC. By Tola Osumare

Juju Music I

JUJU MUSIC. Dance with me by Tola Osumare

JUJU MUSIC. Baba je kin tegbe by Tola Osumare

Juju Music III

OSUMARE BEATS. Corso Leopold, Music from Africa, Nigeria, Musical Dreams, Radio Lora 92.4

Modern African Music

OSUMARE DRUMS (Jalolo-Jalolo). Osumare Drums, Munich Live, Völkerkundemuseum

Traditional African Music

Still Impressed Yet

Osumare Beats have represented Afica in the five continets music project in Munich Germany.

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Tola has taken part in more than fifty recordings and has worked with many top musicians in both Nigeria and Germany. Apart from leading a dance and a percussion group, it is not uncommon for Tola to perform and entertain fans in a solo one man show, which makes him a music all-rounder.
Amongst some of his Discography in Germany are: